Dick Contracting is a Wetaskiwin family owned business that specializes in residential roofing for new builds, re-roofs and maintenance.

Dick Contracting specializes in the installation of laminated asphalt shingles.

Serving Wetaskiwin, County of Wetaskiwin, Leduc, County of Leduc, Camrose and more.

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The Dick Contracting Roofing Process:

Step One:
Removal of old shingles. Assess the roof for any soft or rotten spots and fix. Once your shingles are completely removed from the roof, we install drip edge all around the eavestrough perimeter if your house does not have any. This helps water come off your roof into the eavestrough and protects your roof from rot.

The above is an example of a roof fix

Step Two:
After the drip edge is installed we install a leak barrier, referred to as ice and water shield. This product is installed up from the eaves and up the valleys. This extra layer of protection, which is underneath your shingles, help protect your home from any possible leaks caused by ice damming and/or water finding its way behind the shingles.

Step Three:
We then install synthetic underlay to the rest of the roof as an extra protection for your home. In essence, your roof should be nearly 100% water tight before the first shingle is installed. This added protection helps prevent any leaks, should water find its way through the shingles down the road.

Synthetic Underlay vs Felt Underlay?
Synthetic underlay is 25 times stronger than felt, lighter in weight and water resistant.

Step Four:
We are now ready to install your shingles. We recommend IKO brand shingles, especially their Cambridge line.  We have seen this line stand up against Alberta’s tough summer hail storms.

When installing the shingles, we replace all of your vents (plumbing, goose). We will also add ventilation holes when needed, which is the case with most of the roofs we do.

When replacing your roof vents, we often highly recommend a more effective and taller vent called the Duraflo WeatherPro ProTurbo. The ProTurbo sits taller on your roof (above the snow); creates negative air pressure, and literally draws the air out of your attic. The ProTurbo is about the same price as a Whirlybird vent, but draws more air out of your attic, has no moving parts, thus has no squeaking or potential mechanical breakdowns.

Step Five:
Once the shingles and vents are installed, it’s time to clean up, which is always included in our price.

Our Guarantee

  • We clean your gutters after your roof has been installed.
  • Recommendations will be given to the home owner if gutters need to be replaced and the homeowner will receive a referral a preferred company.
  • The disposal of your old shingles and materials is always included in the price.
  • We always use a magnet when cleaning up to ensure that we remove the old shingle nails from your yard and driveway.